Esprit de September Edition

By Griffin Miller

Well before the autumnal equinox appears on the 22nd, the debut of September tells me fall has arrived. I take it as my cue to tour closets for cooler-weather options, trade summery pillows and tchotchkes for fall faves, and mentally migrate from the great outdoors to indoor cozy. As for those packing for college, there’s the whole home-away-from-home gestalt to consider. With the latest fall trends in stores and online, I say let’s rock and roll!

Contortionists may be able to play fast and loose with their cell phones but for the rest of us, hours hunkered over these tiny life essentials add up to serious neck grief. Going hands-free is one solution and Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow, a 56” long shape-shifting bit of engineering, angles your cell anywhere you like. Ingenious—and my new #1 way to kick back and read/watch/talk/whatever.

Kissing summer good-bye is never easy, but the right toast—one that says I’m ready to take the plunge into autumn’s richest rewards—makes all the difference in the world. Enter Glendalough 7-Year-Old Single Malt Mizunara Finish, a spectacular Irish indulgence aged in Mizunara, a.k.a. “the most sought-after oak in the whiskey world.” The product is smooth, luxurious and, not surprisingly, exotic. Info:

Streamlining my makeup routine has been one of those to-do things that never got done—until I got my hands on LaJeanell’s Essential Makeup Set. The customized bag features five multi-talented items: Moonlight Lume Pod (face & body highlights), mascara (for brows & lashes), lip liner, mini brush, and my go-to savior, the Shirley Lip/Cheek/Eye, which looks like a lipstick and works facial miracles in nothing flat. Info:

Personalized gifts are one thing, but when artist Claudia Moldovan came up Clia Creations she redefined the genre. Send her a voice recording and, using a variety of vetted and wooden strips, she’ll transform your words into a staggeringly unique piece of art. Anything goes vocally—a quote; a quip; baby’s first words—before emerging as a visual sound pattern: elegant and pitch-perfect.

Film buffs, rejoice. Movie night just got ultra-awesome thanks to Cinelounge™’s Gourmet Popcorn collection of Oscar-worthy flavors in their monster-size VHS box: Popadile Dundee (Aussie BBQ), Some Like It Popped (Sea Salt), Popcorn Of The Living Dead (Cinnamon Churro with Salted Pretzels), Truffaut Truffle—eight altogether, and yes, they (deliciously) live up to their “word-of-mouth” hype. Four stars. Info:

In this Golden Age of workout wear, ObservaMé is proving a breakout star, not just for its formidable quality and smart styles, but because it understands a crucial need we share: to dress for real life. Their Women’s Power Hold High/Low Jacket, e.g., works for athletes and/or errand-runners, feels and looks amazing, and features ObservaMé’s signature watch opening—a profoundly brilliant innovation.

Life just got a little better for those of us working from home or in a dorm or any place where having a well-lit space and minimal clutter is a major plus. The LumiCharge III is a sleek, adjustable, multifunctional led desk lamp (mobile App controls on-off/brightness/color from phone), with wireless charging station (universally compatible) and Bluetooth speaker. As for the lamp—bonus points for defusing eye strain! Info:

For every patio grill-meister there will always be twenty wannabes who have yet to find their niche. Well, if homemade pizza appeals to your inner gourmand, I recommend checking out the Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus with its drop-down oven door and cordierite pizza stone. Imagine dazzling guests with parlor-perfect crust and customized toppings, or once you’ve mastered the pie, branch out into the 3-in-1’s griddle or grill.