Real Estate Investing

Learning From The Best

By Esther Reizes-Lowenbein

I recently attended a commercial real estate summit and was inspired by some power-house women, determined and successful who have created their all-women teams. Here are their stories.


These women have geared up together to purchase apartment complexes in Texas and be a positive inspiration to others in the process. Deep Paknikar worked at a Fortune 500 company and found real estate investing in sustaining her second income and serving as a passive cash flow investment. She began with single-family homes and made her way up to apartment investing. Her goal as a mentor is to assist women in becoming financially independent and emotionally healthy. Her message to women is, “Do not try to reinvent the wheel, connect to experts and leverage their knowledge, and of course, network.” Paknikar is working on starting a podcast.

In 2014, Karolina DiMario obtained her real estate license and began acquiring single family homes with the hopes of growing into the multi-family space. In addition to her W-2 job, she

is an expert underwriter and analyzer and has created her spreadsheet. Her advice for other women getting into real estate investing is to “become educated and figure out what you are good at.”

Kaylee McMahon, the Apartment Queen’s founder, started with a nutrition degree and marketing knowledge and then dived into leasing residential properties. She worked on her mindset and learned that it is okay to start over and that one can have it all. She was displeased, knowing 70 percent of commercial real estate investors were male; she acted and, along with Paknikar and DiMario, created an all-women fund named after her grandmother. The group’s goal is to empower women to be lead operators, get more women to join positions of power, and have an additional income set.

Here are two women who have joined forces to create a real estate “InvestHER” community to support women and create passive investors. Initially, they joined together to partner on the fix and flips in PA. They soon realized the great need for women to have a forum to converse and support one another. Their passion resulted in a group formed, 40 meetups nationally, a podcast, and a membership community with women-only speakers. They aim to assist women of all ages and stages, and locations in their self-care abilities, business and real estate investing goals. Elizabeth Fairclothe invests in multi-family syndications and vacation rentals. She is the woman behind nation. “Women wear many hats, and now more than ever, they need a space for growth, support, and community to become financially stable.”

As a single mom from Brazil, Andresa Guidelli was inspired by the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. She read during her internship for her master’s degree in Business communications while attending LaSalle University. She was inspired to learn more about real estate investing and eventually took out a HELOC on her home to begin her real estate investing journey. Her motto is to “take full responsibility for my project’s profits and losses; blaming others does not make the situation better. It is my choice to learn lessons from all experiences, which is essential for growth”. She started the Trailblazers, where women will be involved in syndicating apartment deals from beginning to end.

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