By Elizabeth Vizzone

It’s a fact: Children today spend a great deal of time in their rooms, and it’s important they feel comfortable in “their space.” After all, it’s a sanctuary.

If you’re thinking of upgrading or redecorating this part of the home, why not get some input from them on their likes and dislikes? Granted their suggestions might not be what you actually have in mind, but it’s integral to foster their creativity and make them part of the process. More often than not you may be surprised at their proposals.

It’s fascinating to see how your child responds when they are given the green light to share how they envision their room. Sometimes they need time to process it since they are accustomed to you making all their decisions. If you think they still need your guidance, then approach them with a few options of paint colors and a theme you think they might like and see where it goes from there.

If you want to maintain a budget, don’t suggest wallpaper since it can be costly to purchase and even more so to have installed.
• A cost-saving solution would be to buy ready to hang wallpaper (available at big box stores and online) that you can install yourself. Instead of papering all walls choose one focal wall and then paint the others to coordinate.
• Another cost-saving measure is pre-cut ready to install wall decals which come in hundreds of age-appropriate options.

If you have children who share a room, it can make decision-making a bit more difficult.
• Include them in the process and give them the opportunity to be problem solvers together and navigate solutions that will suit all parties.

If your child selects images of home furnishings that are not suitable or beyond your budget, use this time as inspiration when looking for other similar products.
• This is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about honoring a budget and how to pull it off. You will be amazed at the confidence it instills in your child when you allow them to make decisions and learn to trust their instincts.

I think it’s fun to collaborate with your child and be open to their suggestions as well as include the necessities.
• I always try and incorporate a desk for homework, storage for their books and other items.
• A comfortable bed with bedding that is easily washable is mandatory. If the room is on the small size be sure the bed height will allow for storage underneath. There is a vast selection of storage bins that hold a lot and will fit under a bed for easy access.

Hopefully with the newfound confidence to decorate, your kids will be equally as focused on keeping the room clean.

Well, a parent can only hope that happens.

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