Photography By

American Friends of the Louvres

Julie Macklowe, Ben Fink Shapiro, Kamie Lightburn
Jean-Luc Martinez, Pascale Martinez, Elizabeth Segerstrom
Karen Reza, Christopher Forbes, Sana Sabbagh
Toto Bergamo Rossi, Benigno Aguilar, Franck Laverdin

Elizabeth Segerstrom celebrates with the American Friends of the Louvres

Elizabeth Segerstrom
Elizabeth Segerstrom, Franck Laverdin, Patty Hearst, Sana Sabbagh, Jamie Figg, Joan Kahn
Elizabeth Segerstrom
Jean-Luc Martinez, Pascale Martinez, Elizabeth Segerstrom

J. MCLaughlin Charity Sip & Shop to Benefit Animal Medical Center

George Lancaster, Glynis Karp
Hilary Cushing Block, Diane Chapman, Michel Cox Witmer, Martha Glass, Mary Van Pelt
Hugh McLaughlin, Barbara McLaughlin, Madeline McLaughlin, Kevin McLaughlin
Jack Lynch, Grace Meigher, Chris Meigher, Janet York, Kevin McLaughlin, Barbara McLaughlin, Alison Minton

Met Orchestra Musicians Concert and Supper

Met Orchestra performing for guests
Billy Short, Barbara Currie, Jerry Grossman, Andre Tchelistcheff, Christopher Hyland
Nancy Wu, Katherine Fong, Jerry Grossman, Desiree Elsevier
Rachel Simone, Alison Spear, Christopher Hyland, Jessica Phillips, Jarrin Kirksey

Natural Areas Conservancy 5th Anniversary Celebration

Jeffery Buan, Jennifer Epstein
Elizabeth John, Dan Moros, Sarah Moros, Ann Schongalla, Nathan Moros
Sarah Charlop-Powers
Karen McQuiston, David Langer, Stacey Sonnenberg, Eric Sanderson, KC Sahl, Carter Strickland, Sarah Charlop-Powers, Adrian Benepe, Bram Gunther

Photographer Tamara Lackey’s Beautiful Together NYC Exhibition

Tamara Lackey
First Beautiful Together project-bathroom renovation at Kidane Mehret Orphanage in Ethiopia
Gallery exhibition
Orphan Prevention Care Center in Ethiopia

Publicolor’s 2017 Stir, Platter and Roll

Aaron Green, Brenda Reingold, Suzanne Tick, Ruth Lande Shuman, Len Ferro, Diane Martel
Donald Tober, Barbara Tober, Ruth Lande Shuman, Devan Parekh, Monica Parekh
Frank Lupo, Mimi Taft
Ruth Lande Shuman, Devan Parekh

The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation 17th Annual Leadership Reception and Dinner

Jim Luce, Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura
Khaliya Ermacora
Mathew Luce, Brittney Broderick, Robert Nai, Tenzin Jangchup, Nubia Briones
Noritoshi Hirakawa

The Perlman Music Program’s “Taste of Shelter Island”

Toby Perlman, Itzhak Perlman
Chef James Moran and Family
Itzhak Perlman and the PMP String Orchestra
Patrick Romano

The Stanley Bard Collection

Linda Troeller, Michelle Bard Grabell
Chris Dufault, Jeremy Coleman, Mike Gallagher
Lothar Troeller, Anne Henry, Judith Childs, Whitney Bounty

The Versailles Foundation Dinner Fin de Soirée

Royal Receiving Line and cadets
Heide Canellopoulos, Barbara de Portago, Mrs. John Dorrance III
Peter Rockefeller, HRH Crown Princess Elia Of The Albanians, Geoffrey Bradfield
HRH Crown Princess Elia of the Albanians, HRH Crown Prince Leka II of the Albanians, Jillian Fuller

Youth America Grand Prix at Lincoln Center

YAGP at Lincoln Center
Keltie Knight, Marcella Guarino Hymowitz, Colby Mugrabi, Candice Miller, Lesley Thompson Vecsler, Amy Astley, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Amber Huebner, Holly Haakonsen, Janell Torchia, Caroline Moulios. Leeor Oshri, Angelina Martinez
Christina Lyon, Janell Torchia, Angelina Martinez, Caroline Moulios

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